How many times do we hear the horror stories of businesses who sign with a web design company for this low introductory rate and pay forever for the site which they do not own. At Street Smart Inc., YOU OWN your website.
We sell you a product and then service the product. 

We will maintain your website for one year at no additional cost. We will submit your website to as many Search Engines and Link Engines as possible at no additional cost.

Did I also mention that our websites are now designed according to W3C standards?

We also have acces to over a million stock images for use on your website.

We will help you monitor your website using both Google Analytics and our detailed hosting statistics that allow us to see where visitors to your website surf to and how long and how many pages they view.

We will help you market your website, long after it is developed to ensure that your business remains a success.

One of the key factors you will learn with Street Smart is that there are NO HIDDEN COSTS. Our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry for the professional services we provide. Changes are made to your site usually within 2-3 hours if not less.

We can custom design databases and programs for you to enter your own inventory. Shopping carts are never a problem. E-Commerce is one of our specialties. We can get you the security certificate and install it for you website as well. 

Need someone to enter your inventory for you? We even have staff available that can fill up your shopping cart for you.

We also offer spam filtering for your emails. It stops about 99% of spam BEFORE it gets to your mailbox!

So why would you go anywhere else? Call us today at 877-363-0748.

Street Smart Incorporated is Family owned & operated!


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